Silver Bundle Package


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Silver Bundle Package

The Silver Bundle Package is for those looking to order a book and a cover design with The Urban Writers, our simplest bundled package. This bundle allows you to choose between our highest quality non-fiction writers and our best writers (tough choice, we know). No matter which you choose, you also receive three book covers for Kindle, Paperback, and Audio. As if that wasn’t enough, your content also goes through full editing and proofreading, done by one of our professional editors. Lastly, receive your book formatted for both eBook (Kindle) and Paperback. The Silver Bundle Package gets you the fastest delivery time, along with the option to include up to 20 images.

Choosing a Writer Level
The Silver Bundle Package allows you to choose between a Premium writer, a Top writer, or a Fiction writer. To understand the difference between the three, please have a look at the Compare Writers tab.

Requesting a Writer
When requesting a writer, please keep in mind the requested writer may be on a project already. In such cases, your order may be delayed until your writer has been freed up and is available for a new project.

Requesting Images
The Silver Bundle Package includes up to 20 images, which are freely available online if you choose to request them. We source all our images from two online websites, and If we cannot find suitable images from these two sites, we won’t be able to add them to your content. Alternatively, you may send us images directly to insert into your content.

The Silver Bundle Package offers our fastest delivery times. Please use our Delivery Calculator to estimate how long your order will take, choose between Top, Premium, or Fiction since it will be based on the writer package. Also, please keep in mind that these are estimates and are not guaranteed. Only when your delivery date is set, after you place the order, is it guaranteed.

We have a specific formatting style that we use in-house. All of our content is delivered using this formatting style. To keep a streamlined process, we are unfortunately unable to provide custom formatting.

Need a revision? No problem! The Silver Bundle Package includes up to 4 revisions. Each revision must be made within 10 days of delivery to qualify.


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