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Professional Translator

We have high-quality translators that can convert your content from English to German and Spanish!

In-Depth Proofreading & Editing

Your translator will perform in-depth editing and proofreading to make sure everything is accurately translated to the highest standard for each language.

Kindle E-Book Formatting (Optional)

Translating a book? No problem! We offer Kindle E-Book formatting on all of our translation packages.

Content Revisions

Need a revision? No problem! The Content Translation Package includes up to 2 revisions. Each revision must be made within 5 days of delivery to qualify.

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Spanish Translation Package

$1.99/100 words

Spanish Translator


Kindle/eBook Formatted (If applicable)

Fastest Delivery Time

German Translation Package

$2.19/100 words

German Translator


Kindle/eBook Formatted (If applicable)

Fastest Delivery Time

French Translation Package

$2.19/100 words

French Translator


Kindle/eBook Formatted (If applicable)

Fastest Delivery Time

Italian Translation Package

$2.39/100 words

Italian Translator


Kindle/eBook Formatted (If applicable)

Fastest Delivery Time

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Our team of established writers have written more than 86 millions words since 2018.

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Emails, blog posts, sales pages, websites, and more. If you need it translated, we can help.

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Book covers, advertisements, posters, business cards. We're here to translate for you.

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We're happy to translate your entire book including cover, manuscript, and descriptions from English to Spanish and German!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We translate from English to German and Spanish using the most popular dialects. All Translated Content is edited by a native editor.

We do not currently facilitate translations from other languages to English.

None of our translators are able to produce content in their native languages. We have hired a team full of translators rather than writers as the skill sets differ, as does the quality output. We are determined to do all we can to ensure that you receive the best quality content!

Our Content Translation package includes up to 2 revisions to be made within 5 days of delivery. Once your order reaches the ‘Final Review’ stage and the status of your order changes to ‘Waiting for Customer Approval,’ you will have the ability to request revisions directly in our Order Management Platform if any are needed prior to delivery. Open your order, click ‘Request Revision,’ and follow the prompts.

The Content Translation Package includes live-tracking access, which means you will be able to sign in and view the status of each of your orders on your own! Additionally, you can track your order’s progress. Simply click on the item and view the word count bar!

The Document View/Doc Comments features will be available to you should you require revisions upon completion of the translation.

We can translate any body of text, so long as it is submitted to us when placing the order or shortly thereafter. This includes manuscripts, articles/blogs, cover design content such as book descriptions, and more! Additionally, we can replace English text on cover design orders we completed for you with the desired translated content at an extra cost.

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