SEO Article Package - 1

SEO Copywriter

SEO Editor

SEO Optimized Titles

SEO Optimized Meta Description

Quick Website Analysis

Main Keyword Optimization

Up to 4 Sub Keywords

Page Links

FAQs (optional)

1 Article

SEO Article Package - 1​

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SEO Article Package – 1

SEO Article Package – 1 is a complete solution for those who are interested in search engine optimized content. We do all the heavy lifting to ensure your content meets Google’s standards for search ranking and optimization. Our professional SEO copywriters and editors will ensure your content provides a well-balanced SEO strategy and fits your requirements.

SEO Copywriter & SEO Editor
Each article is assigned to both a copywriter and editor trained to optimize content for SEO. They will work together to ensure your content meets SEO specifications, along with your own.

SEO Optimizations
We work with your keywords, and your requirement details, to optimize the article(s) for ranking in search results. This includes optimized titles (h1, h2, etc.), optimized meta description, optimized content, page links (internal, external, and video), and, if requested, FAQs directly from Google’s People Also Ask.

Quick Website Analysis
Our copywriter will conduct a quick website analysis to see which articles have already been published, the current style of your content, and the voice you are projecting. Check how your site is currently ranking to get an idea of where you are for our internal use.

You can provide up to 5 keywords for us to optimize your article against. 1 being your main keyword, and up to 4 sub keywords. Our team will use these keywords sporadically, and in context, for the best possible optimization.

Page Links
We will link to your current content, internally, to further optimize for SEO. For any external links, we will request permission before any recommendations. Also, you can request to have images and videos added to your content for a well-balanced article.

FAQs from Google’s People Also Ask
During our research process, we can collect several FAQs that people also ask on google and answer those in your article. This strategy will further help optimization and have your article(s) directly answer, and rank, for frequent user questions.

Need a revision? No problem! SEO Article Package – 1 includes up to 2 revisions. Each revision must be made within 10 days of delivery to qualify.

Revisions are accepted in Word, please use the Comment Feature from the Review Tab, we will deliver your project back to you with the changes tracked.

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